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What are the main manufacturing process steps of metal PC keyboard? Keyboard is an instruction and data input device used to operate computer equipment. It also refers to a group of function keys (such as typewriter and computer keyboard) arranged by the system to operate a machine or equipment. The keyboard is also a part of the keyboard instrument. It can also refer to the instrument using the keyboard, such as piano, digital piano or electronic piano. The keyboard is helpful to practice typing.

1、 Laser etching

The so-called laser etching is to use laser engraving technology to burn black grooves on the key cap. Because the etched trace is linear, the common laser etching arrows on the keyboard are hollow.

However, laser etching also has several fatal defects, which also determines that it can not be used in the production of high-grade keyboards. First of all, because laser etching belongs to etching without using ink, it can only print a single black font, so the multi-color overprint design often used on high-end keyboards can not be achieved; Secondly, due to the need for appearance design and durability, products with non-standard structure such as ergonomics are difficult to print on ordinary laser etching machines.

Because of this, in the product production line of large factories, laser etching is only used in medium and low-grade production lines to take advantage of its advantages of high production speed and low cost; In the production line of high-end products, due to higher printing quality requirements, we can only continue to use the traditional high-cost ink printing method.

2、 Pad printing

Pad printing is a very old way of key cap printing. It is no longer used because it is not practical and inefficient. Pad printing method is to use a group of letter type as the original font, brush it with ink through automatic machinery, and then press a group of soft rubber blocks on it. In this way, when the rubber block is lifted, the handwriting ink will be transferred to the rubber block, and then move the rubber block to the blank keyboard. As soon as the rubber block is pressed, the ink will be printed on the keyboard.

3、 Screen printing (a common way in ink printing)

The principle is to cover a special screen on the blank keyboard, where the handwriting is hollowed out, and then scrape the ink from it, so that the handwriting will be printed on the hollowed out part. The characteristic of screen printing is that after printing the handwriting, a layer of plastic can be brushed with a special screen. After drying, a layer of plastic protective film covering the printed handwriting will be formed, which can prevent the wear of the handwriting after long-term use. This is commonly known as the keyboard coating technology.

Compared with laser etching, screen printing can freely print a variety of colors through repeated overprint of multiple screens, and there is no requirement on keyboard material. However, due to the limitation of its printing method, the keyboard with too complex shape can not be printed.

4、 Immersion printing (also known as thermal sublimation)

Metal PC keyboard

Immersion printing is a different printing method from ordinary ink printing. It uses not the common liquid pigment ink, but the solid resin ink. This kind of ink will sublimate into a gaseous state at high temperature, penetrate into the permeable printing surface in the form of gaseous molecules and then solidify, so as to form a whole with the printing surface at the physical level, rather than "stick" on the printing surface like ordinary pigment inks, so its printing firmness is very high. Moreover, resin inks are inherently better in gloss, shape and so on.

5、 Laser packing method

The principle of laser filling method is a bit similar to "tattoo". Tattoo is to use a needle to tattoo fine lines on the skin, and then fill them with pigment, so that the color will penetrate into the lines of the skin and will not be washed or worn off by water in the future. The same is true for the laser filler technology. First, use the laser etching technology to print the text once (but it is shallower than the usual laser etching to ensure the flatness of the surface), and then use the ink printing method for secondary printing. In this way, the solidified ink will penetrate into the notch left by the laser and stay in it, and then it will not be easily worn away.

The keyboard printed with laser filler technology makes up for the defects of poor laser etching font and color printing due to the secondary printing of ink. Due to the laser scoring as the basis, its firmness is much higher than that of simple ink printing. Personally, this key cap treatment method is a combination of laser etching and ink printing.

6、 Hollow printing

First of all, this method is almost all printed in this way on the keyboard of the mobile phone. And only some notebook keyboards of apple have used this printing method. This printing method is very simple. In fact, the main purpose of apple computer using this printing method is not to make the handwriting firm, but to make it beautiful.

Because the hollowed out font is "engraved", it is clearer and faster than the ink printing. Like the mobile phone keyboard, the backlight circuit can be installed under the hollowed out text keys, so that the notebook keyboard has an excellent backlight effect like the mobile phone keyboard.

7、 Dichroic forming

Two color molding is the use of molds to combine two different colors of plastics, and use the difference of the two plastics colors to display the font. The advantages of two-color forming are bright font color, high durability and not easy to drop words. If the manufacturing technology is good, the touch performance of the key cap will be very good. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to show thin characters, monotonous color types, low stroke complexity, and the fixed cost of manufacturing is expensive.

8、 Radium carving

Radium carving technology has the characteristics of never fading and clear line.



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