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19 years focus on metal keyboard manufacturers
  • Powerful manufacturer

    Own factory, self-produced and self-sold metal
    Keyboard delivery is guaranteed
  • Custom made

    Provide customized services with drawings
    Provide personalized customized services
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality, price, delivery and other requirements provide a strong guarantee
  • After-sales service

    Full service before, during and after sale,
    respond to inquiries and solve problems in a timely manner

    Huirong focuses on doing every metal keyboard

    Over the past 19 years, we have never forgotten our original aspirations and persevered!

    The company has obtained ISO 9001:2015 international quality system certification!

    Guarantee quality and deliver on time, so that every customer is more satisfied!

    Focus on keyboard development and production, carefully craft every product!

    The products are of excellent quality and sold well in many countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, America, Korea, Japan, etc.!

    Product Center

    Huirong Electronics specializes in manufacturing metal keyboards, with stable and reliable quality

    Metal PC keyboard HR3001020
    Metal PC keyboard HR3001030
    Metal PC keyboard hr3006010
    Metal PC keyboard hr3005010
    Metal PC keyboard hr3001010
    Metal PC keyboard 1631676013
    Metal PC keyboard
    Industrial metal keyboard HR2094
    Industrial metal keyboard hr3001010
    Industrial metal keyboard hr205500
    Industrial metal keyboard hr2050040
    Industrial metal keyboard hr2050030
    Industrial metal keyboard hr2050020
    Industrial metal keyboard hr2050010
    Industrial metal keyboard hr2041010
    Digital metal keyboard HR2005072
    Waterproof metal keyboard hr2009110
    Waterproof metal keyboard hr2005050
    Digital metal keyboard hr2001270
    Digital metal keyboard hr2001250
    Digital metal keyboard hr2001240
    Digital metal keyboard hr2001230
    Digital metal keyboard hr2001220
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051121
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051120
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051110
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051090
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051060
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051050
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2051020
    Fuel dispenser keyboard hr2043010
    Backlit metal keyboard HR2086020
    Backlit metal keyboard hr2019020
    Backlit metal keyboard hr2019010
    Backlit metal keyboard hr2017080
    Backlit metal keyboard 2080010
    Backlit metal keyboard 2079010
    Backlit metal keyboard 2054021
    Backlit metal keyboard 2054
    Production of metal keyboard accessories
    Metal keyboard accessories
    Metal keyboard accessories
    Shenzhen metal keyboard accessories
    Shenzhen Hardware stamping parts manufacturer
    Shenzhen Hardware stamping products
    Shenzhen Hardware stamping parts
    Production of metal stamping parts
    Side key function bar hr1017010
    Side key function bar hr1005020
    Side key function bar hr1002010
    Side key function bar hr008010
    Side key function bar 2068010
    Side key function bar 1027010
    Side key function bar 1023010
    Side key function bar 01022010
    Industrial metal keyboard hr205500
    Industrial metal keyboard hr2033010
    Industrial metal keyboard 2075010
    Industrial metal keyboard 2061010
    Industrial metal keyboard 2027020
    Industrial metal keyboard 2027010
    Side key function bar 02047010

    High quality metal keyboard•Select Huirong

    The manufacturer has direct sales, complete specifications and sufficient stock

  • Manufactor

    Factory direct selling, high quality and low price
  • Quality

    Advanced technology to ensure quality
  • Distribution

    Large inventory and fast delivery
  • After sale

    Rapid response of professional team
  • Complete specifications

    Complete specifications

    Meet your need for one-stop purchase of metal keyboard
    The company's main products are: backlight metal keyboard, waterproof metal keyboard, industrial metal keyboard, industrial keypad, fuel dispenser keyboard, metal PC keyboard, etc.
  • Sufficient stock

    Sufficient stock

    There are more than 10000 digital keyboards in stock
    We reserve 10000 inventories to meet most customers' needs. It solves the problems of starting order limit and long production cycle.
  • Customized


    Provide sample customization service and personalized customization service
    Products and services are widely used in finance, logistics, government affairs, medical treatment, transportation, industry, petroleum, retail, etc.
  • Provide customized metal keyboard demand

    Perfect solutions in multiple fields

    Financial industry |  Logistics industry |  Government industry |  Medical industry |  Transportation industry |  Industrial industry |  Oil industry |  Retail industry
  • ATM


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  • Digital bus stop sign

    Digital bus stop sign

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  • Filling machine

    Filling machine

    more >>
  • Self service payment machine

    Self service payment machine

    more >>
  • Pass multiple qualifications authentication

    Every honor is a great driving force for us to move forward

    Guarantee with strength quality

    When purchasing digital metal keyboard, we should choose powerful manufacturers

  • Factory strength

    Factory strength

    19 years of accumulation and profound strength
  • Design team

    Design team

    Improve product quality
  • Advanced equipment


    Specialized production route
  • After-sale service

    After-sale service

    7*24-hour round the clock service
  • For 19 years, Huirong electronics specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of metal keyboard, ATM keyboard, metal password keyboard and metal numeric keyboard supporting various self-service terminal equipment.

    After years of unremitting efforts and continuous technological innovation, the relevant products produced by the company have obtained ISO 9001:2015 international quality system certification.

  • We will constantly upgrade and innovate products according to market requirements, and launch more new products from time to time every year. Continuously develop new products and improve product quality.

    Leading the industry trend, Huirong Electronics will always provide professional and perfect brand business space strategic services for new and old customers.

  • The company has a series of keyboard production equipment and professional testing equipment such as German tongkuai equipment, which further improves the production speed of keyboard and the accuracy of non-standard customization.

    Strict production procedures and quality standards ensure the safety, stability and reliability of products.

  • Follow up the production progress of customers' products in the whole process to let customers know the production progress. Regular telephone tracking service and door-to-door inspection nearby make you worry free in the whole process.

    The after-sales team answers questions online for 7 * 24 hours, responds quickly within 60 minutes, and the perfect after-sales service system allows you to enjoy the whole process.

  • Strict process flow· quality assurance

    From design to completion, Huirong Electronics will do every step for you

    About Huirong

    It is a production technology enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service

    Shenzhen Huirong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Huirong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production technology enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of metal keyboard, ATM keyboard, metal password keyboard and metal numeric keyboard supporting various self-service terminal equipment.
    After years of unremitting efforts and continuous technological innovation, the relevant products produced by the company have obtained ISO 9001:2015 international quality system certification. Provide one-stop service according to different customers' requirements for products. The product service fields are widely used in finance......

    News information

    Focus on Huirong electronics to understand the new information of metal keyboard industry

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