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Computers play a very important role in most industries. Computers are no longer just a kind of office equipment, but are used in almost any conceivable industry and environment.

Computer control and data storage make most of the work and programs simpler and more effective, but there are many problems in the use of computers in many environments.

The computer may be damaged in the harsh industrial environment, so the display must be protected. Usually, an industrial computer shell and an LCD shell are installed. But the computer's input device can't be protected with a shell.

The keyboard is essential for most computer operations. The touch screen is usually used to control programs in the industrial field, but it is not suitable for data input or other types of information input. Therefore, the keyboard must be used in many cases. There are two problems:

Industrial keyboard

The application of keyboard in industrial field is the most common problem. In the industrial environment, the standard keyboard is easily affected by dust, grease and other factors. The function of protective plastic cover is very limited, and the standard keyboard needs to be replaced frequently.

Therefore, in these harsh industrial environments, industrial keyboard is obviously necessary. These rugged computer peripherals can resist almost any harsh environment or harmful substances in the industrial field, so as to ensure that the production process will not stop due to keyboard blockage.

In addition, although the flexible silicone keyboard is less used, it can be rolled up and stored, and then scattered when used, which saves more space. Silicone keyboard is waterproof and can prevent dust from interfering with the normal operation of the keyboard.

Medical keyboard

In some fields, environmental factors do not pose a problem for the use of the keyboard, but the keyboard itself has become a potential hazard.

In hospitals and medical environments, keyboards have become breeding grounds for bacteria and accomplices in the spread of infectious diseases.

In this environment, it is difficult to clean the traditional keyboard, because water will affect the internal circuit. However, the silicone medical keyboard can be thoroughly washed. This kind of keyboard is made of antibacterial silicone without any protrusion on the surface, which can prevent bacteria from breeding on the keyboard surface. Silicone medical keyboard can be cleaned with standard hospital disinfectant to prevent bacterial infection.



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