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With the rapid development of domestic industry, the industrial metal keyboard also came into being. However, when we understand the industrial metal keyboard, we find that there are many kinds, and there is basically no fixed keyboard. Why? The reason is that most of the industrial keyboards are customized by metal keyboard manufacturers. Let's analyze why.

1. High requirements for industrial keyboard

Industrial keyboard

Because the industrial working environment is particularly complex, the general metal keyboard can not meet the working requirements, and the environment of each factory is the same, and the metal keyboard manufacturers do not have corresponding molds, so they will customize the industrial metal keyboard for special manufacturers to ensure the normal operation of the manufacturers.

2. Customized industrial keyboard has short cycle and long service life

Compared with directly purchasing metal keyboard from metal keyboard manufacturers, customized keyboard only has the link of developing mold, so the cycle will not be very long. At the same time, because it is a customized metal keyboard, it can meet the needs of the working environment in all aspects, with high work efficiency and convenient maintenance and cleaning.



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