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Industrial metal keyboard is a kind of industrial keyboard. Compared with other industrial keyboards, industrial metal keyboard can be used in harsh environment, and has the function of electronic lock, which can eliminate illegal input. The industrial metal keyboard adopts silica gel full sealing technology to make the keyboard waterproof. These properties of metal keyboard ensure that it is widely used in high-end self-service equipment such as finance, communication, military industry, industrial control, petrochemical, railway and so on.

Industrial metal keyboard is becoming more and more popular in the market. As a customer, how to distinguish the quality of metal keyboard.

1. Carefully observe the workmanship of the keyboard

The surface of the metal keyboard with good quality is generally exquisite, and the finger contact feeling is relatively smooth, but the numbers on each metal key will have a concave convex feeling, which are carved by professional machine laser. Some metal keys are printed directly with ink, which needs customers' attention, because this metal keyboard will not be used for a long time, and the mark on the keys will slowly fade away soon, affecting the beauty

2. Appearance of industrial metal keyboard

The metal keyboard should not only satisfy customers in function, but also conform to customers' taste in appearance, so as to attract more customers to use, provide comfortable experience for the personnel used in work, and increase their work efficiency.

3. Feel of metal keyboard

The experience of good hand feel of the keyboard is that the keys are stressed evenly, the key range is moderate, and the keys can not be loosened. Only in line with these can we meet the needs of users.

4. Noise of metal keyboard

The noise emitted by the metal keyboard should not be too loud. If the noise is loud, it will interfere with others' rest or work mental state and cause discomfort to others. Therefore, the metal keyboard with low noise will be favored by the majority of users.



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