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Backlit metal keyboard HR2086020
Backlit metal keyboard HR2086020

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Backlit metal keyboard HR2086020

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Product Name:Backlit Metal Keyboard



Introduction to keyboard features:

26 keys, made of high-quality stainless steel

Special treatment on the stainless steel surface of the keyboard can prevent the key paint from peeling off, anti-sweat, anti-stain and anti-corrosion

◆Dustproof, waterproof, anti-riot, anti-drilling

◆The keycap font is black, and the function keys have colored icons

◆The keycap graphics are etched, and the paint is processed through a special process

◆Keycap graphics can be customized according to user requirements

◆Keyboard keys can be defined according to customer requirements

◆Key life: more than 1 million times

◆Key stroke: 0.45mm

◆Key strength: 350g±50g

◆Operating temperature: -25℃~70℃

◆PS2, USB, RS232 interfaces are available

◆Provide communication protocols such as 485 or TTL

Applies to:

◆Industrial PC CNC platform, wireless control equipment, industrial testing equipment

◆Security access control keyboard, elevator keyboard

◆Automatic monitoring and security equipment

◆Cashless Self-Service Equipment

◆Medical testing equipment, self-service medicine vending machine

◆Vending machines, self-service ticket machines, express cabinets, lockers

◆Digital bus stop sign, electronic station

◆Gas station, gas station

◆All kinds of military equipment



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