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How to find a good medical keyboard

In hospitals and clinics, doctors and nurses use computers, keyboards and mice to enter data at their workstations. This kind of articles will be directly contacted with doctors and nurses. Especially when we have not yet completely defeated New Coronavirus, it is more important to use professional medical keyboard and mouse. They can easily disinfect, clean and have a good typing experience.

Medical silicone keyboard, it is obvious that the surface material of this keyboard is medical silicone. The medical silicone keyboard provides a comfortable and lightweight typing experience without causing any pain or wrist pain, and typing without any sound. The integrated silicon film has no cracks, so it can be thoroughly cleaned by flushing and disinfected by medicinal alcohol. The keys inside the keyboard have silica gel carbon particles and scissors feet, which can be selected. It feels light and provides a very pleasant typing feeling. We make them white. Once the keyboard is dirty, users can easily realize that the keyboard should be clean, because dirt and blood can be easily found on the keyboard. The function is similar to the traditional plug and play keyboard. It can be customized into different languages as needed. There is no doubt that doctors and nurses will always wear medical gloves, so our medical keyboard design can be operated with gloves and wet hands. Simple and fast.

Material: medical silica gel

Switch technology: silica gel carbon particle and scissor foot switch are optional

Keyboard color: white, black optional

Configuration / layout: Alphanumeric / full function, with touchpad / backlight, optional / wired or wired

Installation: mobile desktop or embedded can be selected

Protection grade: IP68 washable or surface IP67 optional

Interface: USB / PS2, plug and play

Medical glass keyboard is a popular capacitive operation input device with sensitivity control and sound feedback signal. The glass keyboard looks elegant and professional. It can be designed in different sizes, colors and styles. For standard medical keyboards, we always use white (light color) because it helps to visually identify dirt and debris accumulation. The glass keyboard is durable, wear-resistant design and long service life. Desktop and embedded options are available. Plug and play mode, easy operation. Lockable (disable key) when sterilizing the keyboard, it does not need to be removed from the computer. The keyboard can be disinfected and disinfected to prevent cross contamination and cleaned in hospital grade disinfectant or soap and warm water. It can be used with medical gloves or wet hands. Any language design is available.

Material: tempered glass

Keyboard color: white and any other color

Configuration / layout: Alphanumeric / full function, with touchpad / backlight, optional / wired or wireless

Installation solution: removable desktop / panel installation

Protection grade: IP68 washable / IP67 waterproof and dustproof

Interface: USB / PS2, plug and play

Tactile / auditory feedback during typing: easy and comfortable typing experience



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