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Industrial keyboard is widely used in industrial control, petrochemical industry, transportation, electric power, national defense, military industry, aerospace, coal mine drilling, agriculture, machinery manufacturing, automatic control, medical treatment, medicine, communication, measuring instrument, rail transit, self-service terminal and other fields.

The use environment of industrial keyboard is very different from that of PC keyboard. Industrial keyboard has high protection level and stronger adaptability to harsh environment because it needs to be used in a variety of different environments. For example, in addition to the high tide and wet environment, there are a large number of flammable and explosive gases in coal mines, which requires the industrial keyboard to be waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof; For example, in food factories, the environment is very dusty, which requires the industrial keyboard to have the function of dustproof keyboard; For example, for some portable equipment used outdoors, such as reinforcement machine, the keyboard needs to have the function of reinforcing the keyboard, as well as special protection against water, dust, bacteria, high and low temperature, electromagnetic interference, etc. all these special environments need special protection for the industrial keyboard.

Industrial keyboard can be divided into membrane keyboard, silica gel keyboard, metal keyboard, explosion-proof keyboard, mining keyboard, reinforced keyboard, shelf mounted industrial keyboard, medical keyboard, embedded keyboard, military keyboard, stainless steel keyboard, industrial control special waterproof keyboard, backlight reinforced keyboard, desktop reinforced keyboard, etc.



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