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Industrial keyboard is different from PC metal keyboard. Industrial keyboard can crush PC metal keyboard in waterproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof and other properties. Therefore, with its powerful performance, PC metal keyboard can be spread all over major fields. PC metal keyboard belongs to a kind of industrial keyboard and is commonly used in industrial computers. In combination with the characteristics of the company's own products, we will briefly sort out the differences between industrial keyboard and PC metal keyboard.

1. Industrial keyboard is more widely used than PC metal keyboard

Industrial keyboards are commonly used in a series of self-service equipment such as military industry, finance, railway, communication, coal mine, medical treatment and maritime affairs. PC metal keyboards are mostly used only on various industrial machines. The more common is industrial control computers. Individuals can also use them on computers, but the experience effect is general.

2. Industrial keyboard is larger than PC metal keyboard

The general panel of PC metal keyboard is basically fixed, and the types of keys are relatively fixed, but the arrangement and number of keys are slightly different. A single industrial keyboard can be customized according to its use environment. A keyboard with strong function and practicability can be produced.

3. The quality and price of industrial keyboard are generally higher than that of PC metal keyboard

The process of industrial keyboard is generally finer than that of PC metal keyboard, otherwise it is difficult to adapt to the industrial operating environment. At the same time, industrial keyboard basically needs customization to better meet the needs of customers, so it will not retain the complete mold like PC metal keyboard, and it needs to be reopened. Therefore, the more cost will be consumed in the production process.

The above are the differences between industrial keyboard and PC metal keyboard. More industrial keyboard information will be listed later. For reference!



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