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How to understand the function of metal keyboard customization? If metal keyboard and password keyboard are mentioned, some experts may know, but as more friends who want to know, they may be very vague. Before, many friends asked me what metal keyboard is for, or what metal keyboard is. In fact, it's really hard for me to explain. Today, I'll give you a unified introduction to what is a metal keyboard and what is a metal numeric keyboard.

There are many kinds of metal keyboards, including metal keypad, that is, the keyboard for inputting passwords on ATM in our daily life, as well as industrial keyboard for industrial control equipment. And metal waterproof keyboard and so on. In fact, the working principle of the so-called metal keyboard is the same as that of an ordinary keyboard, and its internal structure is also similar.

The difference is that due to its special metal material, the metal keyboard has a solid appearance, which can achieve the functions that ordinary keyboards do not have, such as anti riot, dust-proof, waterproof and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in input devices with special requirements for the environment. As an embedded device, metal keyboard is widely used in the field of financial equipment, communication equipment, military equipment and a series of self-service terminal equipment.

The metal keyboard is characterized by strong metal materials and a series of special technical means, so it has the conditions to face the harsh environment. With its special properties of waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and corrosion prevention, it is widely used in many outdoor self-service equipment.

Metal keyboards generally use bank online banking machines, industrial control equipment, self-service equipment, industrial production equipment, etc. needless to say, we can see them on the ATM in our daily life.



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