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What are the main contents of the metal keyboard? For the metal keyboard, it includes a panel, a lining plate and a plurality of keys, the plurality of keys and the panel are made of metal, and also includes a heating film, which is clamped between the panel and the lining plate and bonded with the panel.

The heating film comprises an upper and lower coating layers of insulating materials, a conductive metal line layer sandwiched between the upper and lower coating layers, and at least two pads electrically connected with the conductive metal line layer for connecting external circuits.

The metal keyboard also includes a circuit electrically connected with the heating film, the circuit includes a microprocessor and a temperature sensor connected with the microprocessor, and the microprocessor determines whether to feed the conductive metal line layer of the heating film according to the detection value of the temperature sensor. By setting the heating film, the metal panel and key can be heated in the low-temperature application environment, so as to ensure the reliable and flexible operation of the key.



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