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Industrial keyboard is a command and data input tool for operating equipment. It also refers to a group of function keys (such as typewriter, computer industrial keyboard) arranged by the system to operate a machine or equipment. Industrial keyboard is also a part of industrial keyboard instruments. It can also refer to instruments using industrial keyboard, such as piano, digital piano or electronic piano. Industrial keyboard is helpful to practice typing.

Industrial keyboard is the most commonly used and main input equipment. English letters, numbers and punctuation marks can be input into the computer through the industrial keyboard, so as to send commands and input data to the computer. At first, this kind of industrial keyboard was mostly used for brand machines, and other brand machines took the lead in adopting this kind of industrial keyboard, which was widely praised and once regarded as the feature of brand machines. With the passage of time, independent products with various quick functions have gradually appeared in the market. They are sold separately, with special driver and setting software, which can also realize personalized operation on compatible computers.

Industrial keyboard

For the shell of industrial keyboard, some industrial keyboards are fixed on the panel and base of industrial keyboard by using the technology of plastic concealed hook, so as to realize the design without metal screws. So be careful when disassembling to avoid damage. In order to meet the needs of different users, the conventional industrial keyboard has three indicators: capslock (letter large industrial keyboard, industrial keyboard lowercase lock), NumLock (numeric small industrial keyboard lock) and ScrollLock (scroll lock key) (these three indicators have been omitted for some wireless industrial keyboards).

Indicates the current state of the industrial keyboard. These indicators are generally located in the upper right corner of the industrial keyboard, but some industrial keyboards, such as Acer's ergonomic KB and HP original industrial keyboards, use built-in indicators in the key cap. This design can more easily judge the current state of the industrial keyboard, but the process is relatively complex, so most ordinary industrial keyboards do not use this design.

Regardless of the basic knowledge of the industrial keyboard or how to change, the basic key arrangement remains basically unchanged. It can be divided into the main industrial keyboard area, Num digital auxiliary industrial keyboard area, F-key functional industrial keyboard area and control key area. For the multi-functional industrial keyboard, a quick key area is also added.



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